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Ride with your friends, ride with your idols, ride for fun, ride to surpass yourself, ride to perform, to discover, ride to discover yourself. Ride, always ride. But always ´Love2Ride4Love’

That's the leitmotiv of the Ride.404


Born from a “system error”, Ride.404 exists thanks to the immense solidarity from the passionate mountain biking community. People who support the Rider.404 give him the opportunity to continue to ride for the passion.

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  • Rider.404, who is he, or what is it?

    The ‘Project Rider.404’ was, at the beginning, a platform to join a passionate community supporting one rider. The dream to be part of a passionate rider adventures on the global racing circuit came true for the community.

    Everyone who has contributed has shared the belief that a rider is more than a consumer and that an athlete is more than a billboard.
    Rider.404 is a prism of well known and lesser known riders. Everyone can and should recognise themselves in him. It's a person who creates his own rules of the game in order to ride and always ride. To ride for themselves, to ride with friends, to ride with you.

    Join the Rider.404 project and prove that we can live from our passion.

  • What is the real purpose of Ride.404?

    First, to show that "keep smiling" is in our blood and that "do what you love" is really our essence. That’s why the 404 motto is « love 2 ride 4 love ». Only do it if you really love it. Give it all and do everything you can to keep going.

    Secondly, we’re all dreaming of having friends with us, sharing the same passion, riding together, sharing these moments together as a family. Life’s too short and needs to be lived at the fullest. In the end that’s the most important, going out with your friends to ride bikes, just for the love of it.

    So, the real purpose of the Ride.404 project is to make sure you keep that « kid with a dream » spirit. We’re just here to make sure the fun and smile levels are at their highest.

  • Who is the crew?

    The crew is a band of brothers, like kids meeting after school to play together. It’s like our second family, our second life. The crew is made of us all, passionate riders who want to join. We will take care of each of us as if we were family.

    Grab your Ride.404 gear, like a rallying emblem and go outside. We’re living the wildlife.

    Tlap aka RIDE.404