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The 404 CREW support new riders


Ride 404 Crew Announces 2023 Lineup

The crew is a band of passionnated riders who love to be outside, to spend time in the nature, to connect with friends and challenge themselves into their own way. Most of the time we organize group rides to share our vision and passion for mountain bikes and biking in general. We’re so happy and proud to extend our support to new riders for 2023 and beyond. It looks like road and gravel bikes will be on the cards this year with the addition of JB. Careful, long rides ahead! We will also help Julie to progress and support her into her own adventures. You will follow all the crew and projects on the 404 social medias with lots of stories along the year. If you wanna ride with us, send us a message and if we can make it happen we’ll be happy to join for smiling days 


We’re proud of the true support of Focus & Mavic along the way.